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There is nothing better than listening to a live Big Band sound with some of the best musicians in the business.

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Tony DeMeo
Tony DeMeo 

Tony DeMeo - Leader and Vocalist


Tony- born and raised in Brooklyn NY began his music career during the mid 60s as a drummer and back up singer.  He studied jazz drumming and Big Band music with Lynn Oliver. As the leader of "The Tradewinds", he joined The Bob Chevy Orchestra and soon became one of the top performing club date bands in Brooklyn.

Tony took a long sabbatical from music to raise his three children after his wife died from cancer at an early age. He enjoyed a very successful career on Wall Street and returned to music after coaxing from Don Albano, a friend and fellow musician.

The only way to get him back was to pursue a lifelong dream to perform stand-up vocals with a Big Band.  He grew up listening to swing music especially Frank Sinatra and decided to pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest vocalist. 

Tony credits his vocal style with several factors; he is blessed with a vocal range matching Sinatra.  His phrasing, style and emotion are the result of years of personal life experiences, playing drums, singing and performing with great musicians.


Don Albano- Guitar, Electric Bass, Mandolin, Clarinet, Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophone.

Donny and I played gigs since the 60's and was my inspiration to go back to music and most of all singing. 
Donny Albano, aka Don Young, is a singer, composer, arranger, producer, and sound engineer. 
He has worked with The Swans, Tony and the Daydreamers, The Fireflies, Vito and the Salutations, The Don Young Four, The Upper Hand, Enoch Light, Irving Spice, and Staxx.


Bob Kaiser- Tenor Sax

I owe a very special thanks to Bob who made it possible for me to form the Tony DeMeo Orchestra.  We rehearsed all 17 pieces in his basement in Staten Island and got our first gig outdoors playing outdoors at "Back To The Beach summer Concert"


In 2019 Bob went to play with the "Big Band In The Sky". He will never be forgotten!  





Gerry Cappuccio 

Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Clarinet and Flute.


Gerry is a former member of the United States"West Point " band. He has played with the Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Lionel Hampton orchestras to name a few








Ray Johnston toured with the Count Basie Orchestra live in Japan.

Baritone Sax, Alto, Tenor, Clarinet, Flute

Berklee College of music

63rdArmy National Guard Band

Plays Baritone Sax in the Cotton Club Big Band,  former Instrumental Music Teacher at East Orange School District

You can see Ray at the Cotton Club in NYC every Monday night.  


Bob Mastracchio


Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Soprano and Flute


Bob is a freelance jazz musician who has played with several Big Bands in the Northern NJ area.

He is a great addition to the band.



Bill Ash  Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba and French Horn

Princeton University

Director of Design and Production at Cape House Publishing

Arranger, Composer and Freelance Musician

Ask anyone who plays either Trumpet or Trombone they will ask "how the hell does he manage to play both instruments?" 

And he's excellant at both!


Bill Ash with the late Glen Daum

Glen Daum- I was fortunate to have played with and known Glen who wrote music for Sesame street.  He was an outstanding musician and friend. He adapted many of my vocal arrangements which I will always cherish. 


As a member of Local 802 here's what they had to say in their REQUIEM dedicated to Glen.




As a vocalist I get to sing with some of the best musicians in the business.  Below are some of them past and present:


Rhythm Section: 



  • Russ DiBona
  • Dave Birchard
  • Wayne Dunton
  • Joe Licinski Co-Leader "Skyliner Big Band"
  • Vincent Marinello
  • Rudy Petchauer
  • Rick Visone



  • Bob DiBenedetto
  • Bob McHugh
  • Phil Ricupero
  • Jim Labita
  • Erica Umhoefer
  • Steve Alexander - "The Rye Playland Orchestra"



  • Jesus Salinas
  • Ron Naspo
  • Alex Dressel - James Dean Orchestra
  • Lynsey Ferris - "The Rye Playland Orchestra"



  • Don Albano
  • Kris Kaiser
  • Tony Scally - President Local 16-248



  • Pete Hyde
  • Marty Bound
  • Cathy Cannizaro
  • Nick Colavito
  • Joe Christianson
  • Chuck D'Orazio
  • Anne Erickson
  • Tom Keegan- Co-Leader "Skyliner Big Band"
  • Bill Miranda
  • MikePonella
  • Alan Quinn
  • George Sabel
  • Dana Sylvander
  • Dennis Trunceletto- Leader "The Tuesday Band"


  • Bill Ash
  • Jeff Behr
  • Steve Carney
  • Steve Carr
  • Bruce English
  • Mel Flanzman
  • Paul Grabow
  • Darrell Hendricks
  • Henry Heyzer
  • Ken Jackson
  • Phil Jones
  • Gary Quam
  • Pete Stern


  • Frank Basile
  • Gerry Cappuccio
  • Ed Charpentier
  • Tom Colao
  • Jimmy Dean- Leader James Dean Orchestra
  • Steve Gallopo
  • Don Giantomasi
  • Ray Johnston
  • Bob Kaiser
  • Bob Mastracchio
  • Tom Pascale
  • Bruce Schaffel
  • Stu Seiderman
  • Ross Schneider
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