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Join me at the Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon NY on Sunday May 20.There is nothing better than listening to a live Big Band with some fine musicians.

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Tony DeMeo
Tony DeMeo 

About Us

Tony DeMeo- Vocals 

Tony- born and raised in Brooklyn NY began his music career during the mid 60s as a drummer and back up singer.  He studied jazz drumming and Big Band music with Lynn Oliver. He later went on to lead a group “The Tradewinds”, joined The Bob Chevy Orchestra and became one of the top performing club date bands in Brooklyn.

He took a long sabbatical from music to raise his three children after his wife died from cancer at an early age. He enjoyed a very successful career on Wall Street in Operations, Sales and Marketing and returned to music after coaxing from a fellow musician who asked, “why are you letting your talent go to waste”? 

The only way to get him back was to pursue a lifelong dream to perform stand-up vocals with a Big Band.  He grew up listening to swing music especially Frank Sinatra and decided to pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest vocalist. “To create the Sinatra sound that stands the test of time, you have got to have the right arrangements and then surround yourself with great musicians” says Tony, he is careful to add that he is not a Sinatra impersonator.

Tony credits his vocal style with several factors; he is blessed with a vocal range matching Sinatra.  His phrasing, style and emotion are the result of years of personal life experiences, playing drums, singing and performing with great musicians.

Arrangements: Over 100 authentic arrangements by Nelson Riddle, Quincy Jones, Billy Byers, Neal Hefti, Don Costa, Billy May, Cy Payne, Johnny Mandel, with adaptations by Glen Daum.

Tony has performed with the Wagner College jazz ensemble, Back to The Beach Summer concerts, a variety of Fundraiser and Corporate events, and with many other Big Bands in the New York Metro area.  Tony can be heard every Thursday morning at the Paterson NJ Musicians Union

Thank you for an entertaining evening. Many people raved about the music. Thanks for helping us raise funds for our school”-Marie Ferro, Holy Child School Of Religion.  


Here is a brief bio for some of the other musicians in the band.


Henry DeMeo-Trumpet-Soloist: Henry got his first trumpet from his father who cashed in savings bonds in order to pay for it.  In his youth, Henry studied with an Italian music professor in Brooklyn who actually travelled from house to house and taught him music the old fashion way called "Solfeggio"- a rhythmical articulation (sight singing) of music that Italians had to first learn before they could even pick up an instrument.  Henry's command of the trumpet allowed him to play a wide range of musical style from Classical-to Rock in the early 60's where he was pictured on the cover of Life magazine playing trumpet with a group called the "Kings Paupers" at the Club Cheetah.  Henry went on to play first trumpet for the Kingsborough Symphony Orchestra, he played in the orchestra at the Concord Hotel where he met Gregory Hines of the famous group Hines, Hines and Dad and also backed Englebert Humperdinck.  Henry is the quintessential New York musician who played in concert halls, nightclubs, restaurants, weddings; live radio for an Italian language program and a radio jingle for Strawberry Clothes.

Featuring Henry DeMeo


Don Albano- Guitar, Alto Sax, Clarinet 

In addition to sax and clarinet, Don is an arranger, producer, recording engineer and extremely versatile musician who also plays: guitar, bass, mandolin, and ukulele.  He has performed on club dates, Broadway shows and over 1500 recording sessions and TV including a radio jingle for Clairol that won a CLIO award for “She Let Her Hair Down” which featured Don on vocals.  He has worked with some of New York’s famous society bands including: Ray Bloch, Peter Duchin, and Bob Hardwick to name a few. Don sang first tenor and played guitar with Vito and the Salutations, the record “So Wonderful” and “Best be Going” is a collectors item.  He recently produced and played on Ben E King’s latest CD. Don is truly a seasoned musician with experience backing headline acts including: The Duprees, The Flamingos, The Chantells, The Coasters, The Drifters and Screamin’ J Hawkins to name a few.  He is one of the members of the Wagner College Jazz Ensemble and Jerry Drake Big Band. Don has a Masters in Education and taught music at The New School and NYC Public School System.  Don is one of the founders of this orchestra and is personally responsible for inspiring me to become a big band vocalist.


Bob Kaiser- Tenor Sax, Clarinet 

Bob is an accomplished Jazz musician who began his musical career over 35 years ago in his hometown of Staten Island, New York and is currently the leader of his own group Mileage and co-leader of a group Lineage that features some of the finest Jazz players in the NY area.  Two fine jazz musicians Don Joseph and Caesar DiMauro introduced him to jazz that led Bob to attend the U.S. Navy School of Music in Norfolk, Virginia and was assigned to the 328th U.S. Army Band in Texas.  He has played and studied with jazz musicians from the Berkley School of Music and with many fine studio musicians including Bill Caulkins.  Bob has an Associate of Arts degree in Music from Santa Monica College and studied Musical Composition and Performance at California State University.  He recently formed a group Bob Kaiser and Friends that features some of the finest jazz musicians around and is also a founder of this orchestra.  I met Bob on a gig with the Jerry Drake Big band and must say that every time he takes the stand, he demonstrates his love for music and plays with the energy and enthusiasm of an 18 year old.  I am honored to be one of his "friends".


Pete Vianni- Piano -Pete is another fine accomplished musician who brings a wealth of experience backing some of the worlds great performers including, Bob Newhart, George Gobel and Frank Sinatra Jr. Most recently Pete is the musical director for Gianni Russo who played Carlo Rizzi in the movie "The Godfather"


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